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Legoland hotel discount codes are available online at for the new Beach Resort which opens in 2017. Lego Club Magazine Subscriber Discounts Sign up for the free monthly lego Club Magazine, and look for coupons for discounted

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spank academy promo codes

engagement with many combatants. Roll Em A movie (What times the roll em?) a nightly social event in the readyroom. Boondoggle A great deal, usually obtained at the expense of others. God The authority, boss, or person with full responsibility; also descriptive of a pilots prowess (Hes an ACM god) Goes Away What something does when you hit it with a missile. I still like this one -.) Bounce, Tap Unexpected attack on another aircraft. Rounddown The very back end of the flight deck, so called because of its rounded shape.

Feet Wet/Dry The former means over-water, the latter over-land. Top Off Fill up with gas. A reference to the rapid 180-degree Batmobile maneuver in the old Batman television series.

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Cavu Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited: the best possible flying weather. An all-encompassing term for keeping track of whats happening when flying. M Mike Martin-Baker Fan Club If you eject, youre a member (a reference to the Martin-Baker company, manufacturer of ejection seats). Bumping ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering also called bumping heads. LSO Landing Signal Officer. A primary goal in ACM is to keep your adversary in front of your three-nine line. R Romeo R2D2 A RIO (a reference to Luke Skywalkers robot backseater in the Star Wars movies). ACM, air Combat Maneuvering, or dogfighting. Charlie Foxtrot Phonetics for cluster-f*k Check Six Visual observation of the rear quadrant, from which most air-to-air attacks can be expected. Warthog Universal nickname for the A-10 Thunderbolt II close air support aircraft. Tits Machine A good, righteous airplane.

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